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Find a Way - Sports in Pandemic Days


While we used to say that nothing would happen to us and we were proud of our measures, since March 11, 2020, a lot has started to change in Turkey, like the world, and this change has continued for a long time. The uncertainty brought about by this unpredictable wave of change that entered our lives due to the pandemic had a great impact on the economy, politics, social, cultural fields and especially on sports. The effect of uncertainty in sports on athletes is goallessness and loss of motivation. Especially on national athletes who had been preparing for international competitions such as national competitions, Olympic games or European championships. They experienced the biggest shock in the history of modern sports. All organizations were stopped, postponed or canceled. Athletes who worked for years to reach their goals sought their own ways in great uncertainty. As a photojournalist, I was with national athletes who prepared physically and mentally under completely different conditions during the pandemic period. Despite all the difficulties brought by the coronavirus pandemic, they did not give up and continued their work resolutely with the opportunities provided by the government and themselves. This photo reportage covers the months of May and June of 2020, when the athletes continue to work with special permissions after the last March and April with the full closure in Istanbul, Turkey.

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