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Rise of Veganism


What you observe when you smell your surroundings in the rise of veganism is the increase in your interest in this lifestyle. With branding, certificates, and organic food, it might have been possible to treat this as a game of capitalism, but the essence of the subject deserves beyond a comment. Although it may be a part of the society, global warming, anthrax disease, lack of trust reveal the rise of veganism in this period. "Is it a radical for heart surgery to take a vein from its leg and get it stuck in your heart or eat broccoli?" asks. Professor T. Colin Campbell. The answer to this question also gives an answer to why veganism is on the rise these days. On the other hand 97% of scientists and scientific institutions draw attention to the direct proportion of global warming with the increase in animal food consumption. As a result of global warming, they say that we are going to a faster global climate destruction.

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