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Stone Hills - The Universe of the Neolithic Revolution - Sanliurfa


Taş Tepeler, in English Stone Hills, is a collection of protected areas consisting of Gobekli Tepe and eleven other archaeological sites in Sanliurfa, is home to the oldest settled communities of Anatolia and Upper Mesopotamia. These protected areas include Gobeklitepe, Karahantepe, Harbetsuvan, Gurcutepe, Kurttepesi, Taslitepe, Sefertepe, Ayanlar, Yogunburc, Sayburc, Cakmaktepe and Yeni Mahalle region. It is spread over an area of ​​approximately 200 square kilometers in Sanliurfa. Archaeological excavations, which provide important information about the daily life and beliefs of people in the prehistoric period, are carried out in only 6 of the 12 archaeological sites so far. The monumental structures that emerged in the Tas Tepeler are believed to be communal spaces where people come together. The history of Gobekli Tepe, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list and whose excavations were first started in 1994 and was carried out by Klaus Schmidt, dates back to 9600 BC and reflects an uninterrupted process of approximately 1500 years. This process, which we know with Gobekli Tepe, actually covers a wide geography and maintains its dynamism for a long time. Archaeologists from various universities in Turkey, especially Istanbul University, continue the excavations. The finds unearthed during the excavations are exhibited at the Sanliurfa Archeology Museum.

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